Vintage Squirrel Girl's Shirt for Spring

best feedback girl's shirt retro children's clothing vintage squirrel

Oh, I am just LOVING this one, Such a gorgeous graphic of a girl feeding her friends squirrel, carefully restored by yours truly. 

This is such a great way to bring fun into your life. Like one of our mottos says, "Wear Your Happy!" Not only do these bring a smile, but our customers really appreciate the quality of our images and the integrity and durability of our garments---and the images themselves. 

On a personal note... I would not be doing this if I did not get a lot of joy out of restoring these antique and vintage images. Many hours of careful restoration goes into many of these images. Some of them come torn, faded, or damaged in some way, and I spend as long as it takes to get them to a place where they will once again bring joy, and even a whole heap of nostalgia. Nor would I be doing this if I didn't completely stand behind my process and quality of our garments, 100%. 

Our customer reviews show this. I am also really proud of the feedback I get on our customer service. I know that buying something online can feel risky, and so we all rely heavily on reviews. We have hundreds of reviews in our Etsy shop, where we all got started. I am almost embarrassed at how gushing these reviews are, but they really show you just how much I love doing what I do, and how I love offering such great products to those who really truly appreciate them. Customer trust really is number one for us. Don't want to take my word for it? Just take a look here:

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