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"Your shirts are hands down the highest quality that we've had. Others crack and peel and yours don't at all." - Hannah in AZ

Here at Acme Baby Co., we like to do things the old-fashioned way. We enjoy making things to last and to be cherished by those who use them. Every item has a personal hand in its creation: from conception of design, printing of the garments, and finally being lovingly packaged. 

Thank you for purchasing our handmade products, and supporting a small family business!


A little about something that is a major part of our own business platform, and "true and dear" to my own ethics as a business owner…

We source the major majority of our printing blanks from a manufacturer in the Northeast of the United States. I personally make an earnest attempt to source products and supplies that are ethically produced and organic/eco-friendly. I am quite pleased with the reliability and consistent quality of this U.S. manufacturer. I also feel much better about sourcing U.S. goods and frequently turn down offers from organic manufacturers outside of the United States. There are only a couple items that we are still trying to source domestically, and we are continually looking for a domestic manufacturer for these items. 

The organic fabrics for the goods that we manufacture ourselves are from an excellent all-organic company based out of California, and they have a beautiful business platform. They are 100% organic and certified by the Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS), which approves every step in their creation process as well as the finished product: from how the cotton is grown to how it is transported to the mill, how it is milled and bleached (using oxygen-baed bleach rather than chlorine), as well as how the cotton is printed using Low Impact Dyes (a crucial element). This certification also includes a requirement for standards of fair working conditions, set by the International Labour Organization (ILO). I am really pleased with their CS as well. 

Until we at Acme Baby Co. are 100% organic, we feel it is our duty to consciously source our non-organic products and supplies in the same ethical manner as our organics, and will continue to keep that goal in close focus.

-Amy D'Acquisto, owner/proprietor

Acme Baby Co. items are made in our little studio in Seattle, WA.