Acme Baby Co. is a small Cottage-Industry 30s-60s Nostalgia-Inspired Clothing Company, based out of Seattle, WA. We have a strong commitment to provide retail products that not only meet today’s current ideals of sustainability, but also offer the best possible customer service, and a product that delights you and those you love.

We strive to be sustainable and recycle all of our paper, cardboard, and even plastics in our studio. And we mean every scrap! Our mission is to be a zero-waste company so that we help leave this world beautiful for all the babies and other lovlies that we serve.

Many years of research has brought us the knowledge for superior products as well as techniques, that provide our customers with a product they can feel great about: not only with how our clothing is ethically sourced and created, made to last, but also knowing that you are supporting a family-owned cottage industry company rather than a large commercial store.

We care greatly about our customers, the environment, and the idea that there are opportunities to make a positive impact wherever you are and whatever you do.