About Us

I'm Amy D’Acquisto, proprietor of Acme Baby Co. Creativity and quality has long been a focus of mine. I am strongly influenced by the love of vintage decor and fashion, nature, and my childhood in the greater Pacific Northwest. I live in the heart of the small city of Seattle with my youngest daughter who is an amazing artist and straight-A student. My mother made just about all my clothes when I was little, and I still have some of the fabric from the 70's. I learned to sew with a little bit of guidance form my mother, and my first paid job was ironing tablecloths for Seattle's first espresso cafe. Over the years, while learning vintage sewing techniques on my beloved 1924 Singer Dressmaker, and collecting all sorts of vintage patterns and reproduction fabrics, I eventually graduated to modern machines and construction, and Acme Baby Co. was born. 

I received my degree in Fine Arts from Seattle University, where I realized the importance of getting involved with my art community, and inspiring others. I particularly love the blending of modern with vintage, and making the nostalgic fresh and new. I am constantly thinking of new things I want to make to bring that same sense of joy to others.