Acme Baby Co. News for Winter in the Northwest

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Spring - not yet, but maybe I am getting a bit antsy, and can feel it just around the corner. I don't believe this has been one of the coldest winters in the Northwest, but you can sure feel it when the temps drop around here! Still no snow, but I am okay with that. I am actually having to travel downtown daily for hand therapy, but I am planning on taking public transportation and hate to think of what this city would be like right now, if we had a basket of that beautiful white stuff. The Viaduct (Hwy 99 for you West-Coasters) is closed as of 10pm last night, and we have yet to see how bad this city will be affected by having one of the two major thoroughfares missing. I had a deer friend come up from LA, only to comment, "I had no IDEA the traffic here was worse than LA!" Yep. It is. One great reason to work fro, home, I suppose. 

So, while contemplating all this, we are in the midst of one of the biggest uploads of new items, and are pretty excited about all the new clothing items and designs. We have loads of new Valentines items (ship in 1-2 days) and even a smattering of Easter designs - I told you we are excited for Spring! Particularly exciting are the new natural-colored organic infant shirts (we still have organic white), 0-3 months sizes in all of our organic bodysuits including long sleeves, and some great new baby pajama pants. 

We love hearing from you, too, If there is something like a design that you absolutely love, but it isn't on the garment you would like... just let us know! Seriously. I don't know what the exact formula is, nor do I trust in luck over hard work, but I swear we have one of the best customer bases on the planet. I hear all sorts of horror stories from other shops about customer issues, but man, my customers are so incredibly sweet in what seems like an unordinary way. We have been running an Etsy shop for several years now - since before creating the independent site here at - and have a feedback rating unlike I have seen in ANY other shop. "Normal" on Etsy is about 15% feedback rating (I think), and ours has pretty consistently hovered around 50%: 50% of our purchases result in that customer leaving feedback. That is just NUTS! And no bribing! I swear!

To wrap it up, while still remaining somewhat vague (we have to, I swear!), we will be revealing some big news later in February, that has a lot to do with the growth of our business. It may be small beans for some, but that's what we are, and are pretty proud of the fact that we are. This is grassroots at it's best, and have done nothing but very organic growth with no outside loans or major hiring. It is sort of a way for me, personally, to "check myself," and know that our growth is due solely to the high quality of our products and customer service. But grow, we will, and this will be a big step for this baby...

This journey has been immeasurably rewarding. Taking my own experiences with how much fun I had adorning and dressing my own babies, and being able to share that with others, truly is rewarding. I share your joy, and I like that. 

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