The Big BIG News is finally out!

We have been working on, and waiting for this for over a year now, and it is finally here. Well, at least as much that we can now TALK about it!

Over a year ago, Los Angeles Costume Designer Nicole Gorsuch contacted me, inquiring about me being able to quickly supply a rather large order of shirts, for an upcoming Netflix series she would be working on helping to produce. I do get the occasional request here and there, but after sussing it out, this did seem like the real deal. Turns out, it sure was! One of the biggest caveats was that I was unable to talk about it with anyone, which was a little hard to do. Last Friday, the trailers finally came out, and they definitely showed Acme Baby Co. products... in ALL the trailers. 

Set to aire September 2nd on Netflix. 

Some of the main questions I have gotten from friends, is how I did this, and if I had to pay for it. All I can really say is that it was just a matter of seeing if this seemed legit (Nicole was so professional and generous as well as sweet!), and I just knew to get products to her immediately, whenever she needed them; I do love a good little time crunch! 

So go check out these fabulous trailers the big star names such as Jane Lynch and Jesse Tyler Ferguson, as well as budding new stars Keslee Blalock as "Ivy," and Madison Skye Validum as "Bean," who is donning our great wares! 

Our Robot Shirt in this trailer:

Skunk Shirt and Zebra Shirt here in this trailer:

Third trailer, just to show how amazing this is going to be. Don't forget to set your calendars for September 2nd, and get your Acme Baby Co. shirts early!

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