New Years News From Acme Baby Co,

Over the years one of the things I seem to constantly be doing is considering what our business does, and what it personally means to me as a small business owner. Common threads of thought have always had to do with childhood memories, and favorite items of clothing: sweet items that always brings back the fondest memories. As of late, it has really occurred to me (while procuring our new line) that underneath all of what Acme Baby Co. has meant to me has had to do with creating joy for customers, and helping create fond memories, and happily being a part of special occasions for others. Our personalized shirts have been really popular for birthdays and memorable events, and we look forward to adding to our current big selection. 

Starting this January, we are going to release our great big line of new celebratory products, including themes such as shower and birthday decor, bright circus-centered decorations and supplies, and even a Halloween/Black & White line, which will no-doubt includes lots of silvery and gold glitter stuffs. Looking for something in particular?Ask us! We might be considering it!

So, pondering this lovely thought, I send out thoughts of love and joy to everyone in the year to come, no matter where you are and who you are with, and hopefully we at Acme Baby Co. can be a special part of one of your next happy occasions. <3

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