Breathe Easy: Our Commitment to a Fragrance-Free Studio

We understand that fragrances and strong scents can be unpleasant, overpowering, and even trigger allergies or sensitivities for some people. That's why we have a strict fragrance-free policy in our studio to ensure a comfortable, healthy environment for both our customers and employees.

No Unpleasant Odors

When you purchase items from us, you can rest assured that they will arrive completely free of any unpleasant, lingering smells. We enforce a zero-tolerance policy on the use of:
  • Perfumes
  • Colognes
  • Strongly-scented personal care products
  • Air fresheners or deodorizers
Our studio is meticulously cleaned and ventilated daily to remove any potential odor sources. All items are carefully packaged and sealed to maintain their fresh, neutral scent until they reach you.

A Breath of Fresh Air

We believe that eliminating unnecessary fragrances creates a more inviting, inclusive space for everyone. 

You can shop with confidence knowing you'll be able to enjoy your purchases without any overpowering or offensive smells.

At Acme Baby Co., putting your health, comfort, and satisfaction first is always our top priority. We invite you to breathe easy while experiencing our high-quality, fragrance-free products and impeccable customer service.

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