Organic Produce Bag - Vintage Carrots Seed Packet
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Organic Produce Bag - Vintage Carrots Seed Packet

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Nantes Half Long Coreless Carrots! Show your "green shopping" with style. Brings a touch of beautiful nostalgia to any kitchen!

Fun and stylish "green" eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags, that are so pretty you are more prone to not forget to take them with you shopping! We like that not only are they reusable, they are organic cotton, and you will never contribute to the global plastic landfill issue with these produce bags.

Approximately 11" x 13"

Printed in United States. Bag construction in Kashmir.

100% organic raw cotton muslin. Draw-string closure. Machine wash and dry. No bleach.

Images are printed using high-quality inks, that are permanently and professional bonded with a high-heat industrial process, making for a very long-lasting vibrant image. THESE ARE NOT IRON-ONS. The items with come slightly stiff and pilled, and after washing, your garment with magically soften and stay bright and colorful through hundreds of washings! No cracking peeling or fading!