Blonde Pinup Women's Organic Tee Shirt
Blonde Pinup Women's Organic Tee Shirt
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Blonde Pinup Women's Organic Tee Shirt

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Beautiful vintage Blonde Pinup with pastel bubbles discretely covering her. Retro fun at its finest!

This is slightly more fitted than a standard tee shirt. This style of shirt runs somewhat snug so please refer to the sizing chart prior to ordering, or please feel free to contact us with any questions! Our items are custom-made for you, and we cannot take refunds if you order the wrong size. These are 100% cotton and will shrink some with washing in warm water, so please take this into consideration since we want the right size for you.

You may notice some pilling or stiffness of the image but this will disappear and WILL SOFTEN AFTER A COUPLE OF WASHES. We recommend to always wash new clothing items before wearing - not just ours! Because of the really great process we use, the image is permanently fused to the fabric with dye, so you do not have to worry about the image peeling or cracking!

CARE: Wash in warm water, tumble dry, no bleach - these images last and there is no special care needed!

We can put any of our graphics on this type of shirt - just write us!