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Circus Seals Potty Training Pants

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Circus Seals Potty Training Pants
Circus Seals Potty Training Pants

Fantastic vintage illustration of Two Circus Seals, on our classic toddler potty training pants. 

Choose size 2 years or 3 years. These are the old school Gerber Brand Training Pants and have several layers of absorbent cotton.

Please choose sizing carefully, and if you need any help, just contact us and ask. We personally make each of your items to your specifications, and want your item to fit!

100% cotton. Machine wash and dry. No bleach.

Images are printed using high-quality inks, that are permanently and professional bonded with a high-heat industrial process, making for a very long-lasting vibrant image.

None of these garments are intended as sleepwear.

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